Sales Trap #1: Hiring and Managing Your Own “Sales Hunters”

Almost every client we work with — including us — has fallen into some version of this sales trap. Sound familiar?

Sales Trap #2: Banking Too Heavily on Lead Generation

“I just need more leads.” If you hear yourself saying this often, then I wrote this for you.

Sales Trap #3: My Prospects’ Weird Faith in Software and Marketing

I cringe when I talk to a business leader who thinks their fancy new sales or marketing automation tool is a substitute for a true strategic or operational foundation in sales capability.

Sales Trap #4: Thinking Sales Coaches and Consultants Will Save Your Business

Sales coaches and consultants can be hugely valuable at the right time and place, but here’s why you don’t bet the farm on them.

Sales Trap #5: Living off Your Referrals or Hiring a Rolodex

Getting your foundational revenue from your Rolodex is a great place to start. But this won’t sustain you in the long run.
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