We created OppGen with one goal in mind...

Helping small and medium B2B businesses generate more revenue through greater sales


Brand Sculpting and Campaign Design

Brand Sculpting and Campaign Design is a 4 - 6 week process where we take a deep dive into understanding your business, market and product or service and use this knowledge gained to develop a sales campaign that is ready to Launch. To achieve this several documents will be created.

Strategy, Targeting and Position Document

The STP document lays the foundation for a sales campaign. It is about understanding the titles and personas of the targeted buyers, narrowing down the intended industries and verticals, developing personas with defined pains, benefits and solutions and clarifying the key aspects of what the messaging will be based upon.

Big Story Presentation

The Big Story is about understanding why a product or service is important and why it answers a key need for a sales prospect. It is a persuasive telling and we help you develop this and create a deck with it. Many of our clients incorporate this into their selling process.

Smart Selling Document

The smart selling document is what we develop to prepare for outbound sales. It outlines and delineates the sales process, explores objections and pivots, lays out thought provoking questions, encapsulates the elevator pitch, lays out the calling scripts, and develops qualification questions.

Campaign Email Copy

We will develop a persuasive email copy campaign of 3 to 5 emails with different compelling subject lines for testing. The emails will be attention grabbing and focus on the benefits for the target.
NOTE: Brand Sculpting can be a stand alone service. For clients that look to utilize the full suite of OPPGEN services, Brand Sculpting will be the first part of any engagement and be integral to the success of the engagement.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation services begins with Brand Sculpting and culminates with the launching of an outbound sales campaign. The campaign will consist of cold email outreach in conjunction with outbound cold calling to generate sales qualified and interested leads for your pipeline.

Additional Lead Generation Services:

  • LinkedIn Connection and Messaging
  • Landing Page Creation
  • ​Sales Funnel Creation
  • Additional Cold Callers

Opportunity Management

Opportunity Management is the heavy lifting of the sales pipeline. It is there to support the VP of Sales, AE, or owner of the company to be more effective. Opportunity management solves the problem of opportunities failing due to lack of aggressive management. It includes setting meetings, attending meetings, asking questions, understanding the sales process, following up with leads, nurturing leads, reviving opportunities, and generally supporting the sales process from first meeting to close.

Additional Opportunity Management Services:

  • Additional Sales Professional

Opportunity Generation 

Opportunity Generation is our full service offering. It includes Brand Sculpting, Lead Generation and Opportunity Management. Opportunity management is the white label sales organization for your company.